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How to prevent your inside wind shield from fogging up

Do you ever get annoyed when you scrape off your windshield in the morning just to find that your windshield inside your car is fogged up!?
Here at Capital Ford Lincoln, we have some tips for you on how to prevent your vehicle’s windshield from fogging up on the inside!

  • Place a bowl of dry rice in the back seat of your car. Rice collects moisture and will reduce the fogging. In case you are worried about having a huge rice mess in your car, try putting the rice in a tube sock.
  • When driving home for the night, try opening your windows before you park your vehicle. The cold air will equalize the air temperature and moisture in the car with the outside, minimizing or eliminating the chance of fog building up.
  • Spray a mix of 2 parts vinegar and 1 part water on the inside as well as the outside of your vehicles windshield. This can help prevent ice and fog from forming.
  • Install a remote starter in your car. It might be an investment, but you’ll benefit from having a warm, ice- and fog-free vehicle when you leave in the morning.

If you have any other recommendations on how to prevent your windshield from fogging up, let us know!

Capital Ford does Movember!

Prostate Cancer is the most common kind of cancer found in Canadian men , and nearly 1 of every 28 men that are diagnosed with it, will die from it. We here at Capital Ford Lincoln believe in supporting health and research initiatives like Movember which is why we’re running our own campaigns to support it.


In support of Movember, we are raising money with a fundraiser called “Balls for Prostate Cancer”. We filled up the back of an F-150 truck with a ton of balls, and if you can guess how many are in the truck, you win! The winner will receive two tickets to the… 2013 GREY CUP GAME!!! Exciting? We know.


Another Movember promotion we’re running involves giving away free moustaches – for your car. When you visit our Facebook Page, click the Movember tab, fill out the required information and we will have your moustache mailed out to you. It even includes detailed instructions on how to place it on your vehicle, and how to take it off! We encourage you to send us pictures of your moustache progress by posting it on Instagram or Twitter and using the hashtag, #CapitalMo and #Movember.


Get a moustache for your ride today!

High Tea of Hope- Breast Cancer Fundraiser

This year Capital Ford Lincoln sponsored CIBC’s High Tea of Hope. This event is put on to help celebrate Breast Cancer Survivors., and there friends and family. As breast cancer survivors gather together to talk about their experiences there was light entertainment and a speaker that provided information related to breast cancer that was helpful […]

2015 Ford Mustang

The 2015 ford Mustang is going to be an amazing car. The 2015 mustang will be revealed in January of 2014 at the NAIAS. The mustang will be smaller than the current model, and 400 lbs lighter, and 15 inches shorter.The power will be coming from a 2.3-litre 4-cylinder Eco boost. The Mustang will also […]

2013 Ford Fusion Review

Today’s buyers are looking for the most high efficient vehicle technology. Fusion is proving what each driver needs with 7 different models, and many different specialty options for each one. Intelligent Access with Push-button Start    When getting into your car you can access it without ever taking your key out of your purse or […]

Ford Fusion – Hybrid

This is the first time Fusion has offered TWO hybrid models. The Fusion is designed as a Global vehicle, both inside and out. Key Features: – Small splitter features manage air flow for cooling and efficiency – minimized wheel opening reduce aerodynamic drag – 3 wet-paint process offers 10 paint colors – Numerous Wheel designs […]