Top 5 F-150 Accessories

Do you love your Ford F-150 so much that you would do absolutely anything to make it happy? Do you want your special vehicle to be different than everyone else? Do you want to enjoy your F-150 even more? Do you want to make all of your friends jealous and have the most luxurious truck on the block? If you answered yes to any of these questions these top five vehicle accessories are an absolute must for you and your ride!

Audio System Upgrade, Sub Woofer, Super Cab

The 10-inch, 200 watt powered enclosure used in the Complete Audio System Upgrade is also available in this stand alone package. The specially designed enclosure fits neatly under the rear seat without compromising passenger legroom or adding unnecess9L3Z_18808_Nary weight.






AL3Z_16C900_AHood Deflector – Chrome

Stylish chrome-finished hood deflector protects the edge of your hood from bugs, small stones and other debris. Easy installation.





Interior Lighting Kit

Interior lightinCL8Z_13E700_AAg sets an engaging glow by adding flair, individuality and atmosphere to your F-150 whenever the mood strikes. This kit includes one LED-generated light in the cupholder area and a light bar in the front foot wells. Set your mood by scrolling through your choice of seven colour options to create the perfect setting and ambiance for any driving occasion.




VDL3Z_99501A42Tonneau Cover – Hard, Fiberglass, Short Bed, 5’5 Bed, By UnderCover

This 1 Piece painted Tonneau Cover is a custom moulded fiberglass bed cover specially designed for your F-150 and comes custom painted in factory colours. Features one piece design for added strength and provides excellent protection keeping wind, rain, snow, dirt and sun from damaging your bed and cargo. Hydraulic struts come with the lid for ease of opening and closing. Lockable for that added safety that your things will be secure.



BedlineBedlinerr, Styleside

This Bedliner conforms to the contours of the F-150 bed. Features the Duraloc® cargo restraining system that allows the use of 2x4s to compartmentalize loads or create two-tiered stacking. Ribbed floor provides drainage and increased airflow between the bed and the liner to reduce mould, mildew and corrosion. In addition, anti-static materials have been incorporated into the mat’s finish to reduce the chance of static-induced sparks. Available in black with Ford Oval Logo.

There are so many outstanding F-150 accessories to make your vehicle just that much better! You can shop online for your vehicle accessories or contact the accessories department at your local dealership to help you find the perfect fit for you and your vehicles needs.

Car Color Popularity

What does the color of your car say about you? Do geniuses really choose green? Is white still the color of choice? To find out some interesting car color facts – keep reading!

-White is still the most popular car color – it has been since about 1998.vehicle_colors

-However, silver took the title for “most popular” in 2010.

-Black, grey, silver & red fall in the top 5 category.

-It has been said that the auto industry has been trying to associate different car colors with fuel-efficient vehicles. Next time you’re at a car show, try and notice the hybrid vehicles. Bright whites, light blues and greens are all common and try to influence the idea of “going green.”

-Color trends in the vehicle industry have been known to be influenced by trending patterns in technology. Silver cell-phones are pegged as “modern” and black is deemed as “luxury.” In the mid-2000′s, when Apple became known and made their impact with white Mac Books, iPhones and iPods, this helped make an impact on society’s view of “new and improved.”

-Home decor has also been noted to influence car companies with the touch of earthy browns and beige. In 2012, these colors were rated 7th on the “most popular” list.

-Green only ranked 9th in overall popularity in 2012. However, its colors like these that get the most recognition.

-It takes approximately two to four years for a new vehicle color to be processed and developed.

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Craziest Driving Laws of All Time

Who is to say if these laws are all true – it’s up to you as the reader to determine if these driving “laws” really do exist. If you are skeptical, at least enjoy reading them!

  1. Denmark – All Danish drivers must check under the vehicle before they start the car… To see if there is a person ‘underneath.’
  2. Cyprus – Drinking or eating while driving is considered illegal – yes, even water!obey_this_sign
  3. Russia – Do you have a dirty car? You may want to think twice about driving, as you could be fined if it is not clean!
  4. Philippines – In Manila, if your license plate ends in a 1 or 2, you are prohibited from driving on Mondays.
  5. Spain – You are required to have an extra pair of glasses in your vehicle – even if you are already wearing a pair.
  6. Japan – If you splash a person while passing them, you could end up paying a $65 fine.
  7. Hermosa Beach – It is illegal to spill your Margaritas on any street.
  8. Florida – In Sarasota, the fine for hitting a pedestrian is $78.
  9. Georgia – In Marietta, it is illegal to spit from a moving car or bus… but it is OK from a moving truck.
  10. Also in Georgia… It is illegal to drive through playgrounds.
  11. Nevada – It is illegal to ride a camel on the highway.
  12. Oklahoma – You cannot read a comic book while driving – it is considered illegal.
  13. Montana – It is not permitted to leave a sheep unattended in a truck.
  14. New Jersey – You are not permitted to frown at a police officer.
  15. California – Any unoccupied vehicle may not exceed 60 MPH.

Why do I need oil?

What does oil do?download

  • It stops all the metal surfaces in your engine from grinding together and tearing themselves apart from friction
  • It transfers heat away from the combustion cycle
  • Engine oil must also be able to hold in suspension all the nasty by-products of combustion like silica (silicon oxide) and acids.
  • Minimizes the exposure to oxygen and thus oxidation at higher temperatures.

There are many moving parts in an engine; the oil pump pushes oil through passages to all the moving parts. The oil is forced in between these parts to create a film separating the parts from each other. Without oil the moving parts would contact each other and within seconds your vehicles engine could be destroyed. You can check your oil by removing the dip stick, most gas station attendants will do this for you if you don’t know how to yourself. If you oil light comes on shut your vehicle off immediately this means the oil pump has no oil and your vehicle will not make it to a service station.

What would happen if I didn’t have oil? Well, the metal would become damaged within the engine and cannot be repaired. Be sure to check your oil regularly and have it changed approximately every three thousand miles to keep your oil clean.

In my opinion oil is the most important fluid in your vehicle and you should pay close attention to it at all times! However, I’m an extremely forgetful person so I make it a point to set a reminder in my phone for every two weeks to check my oil and other fluids so that I don’t run low. If you have any questions regarding the oil in your vehicle contact the Quicklane at Capital Ford Lincoln today!

What is a Protection Package?

On a daily basis I hear the exact same question over and over again, what is a Protection package and why should I get it?” Well you asked the question and I have the answer! The Diamond Kote Protection Package consists of 4 major view360components.

Paint Protection;

Factory paint isn’t tough enough to handle the harsh things your vehicle encounters on a daily basis such as ultraviolet rays, tree sap, road salt, acid rain, bird droppings, carwash chemicals and much more. Car paint is actually less than half the thickness of the common debit card. Paint protections transparent cross link polymer formulation bonds to the vehicles surface and creates a barrier between the vehicle paint and its surroundings.

Sound shield;

Road noise is unavoidable but can be improved with sound shield; inevitable road conditions that we encounter on a daily basis will affect the loud annoying noises your vehicle can start to make.  Gravel, weather conditions, road salt, moisture, and sand can cause engine noise, road noise, abrasion, and corrosion to your vehicle. The parts of our vehicle that we see the least are the most vulnerable to the elements. Sound shield reduces road noises by up to 50% while providing insulation and protection from those annoying squeaks, rattles, engine noise and moisture.

Fabric & Leather/Vinyl Protection;

There is no need to ban your friends and family from having food and drinks in the vehicle with this wonderful protection package. With the fabric and leather protection food stains, drink spills, and won’t be a problem. It will also prevent your interior from discoloration and prolong the beauty of your vehicle. The protection coats and protects each individual fiber, and the formula used is 100% CFC free which is completely safe for your vehicle, your family and the environment!

DK-logo-good-300x180Rust Protection;

Rust will shorten the life of your vehicle as well as drastically decrease its value. It is extremely easy for a vehicle to rust with all of the road salt, condensation, humidity and weather extremes. Rust most commonly starts on the inside of your vehicle and by the time it becomes visible to us major damage has already occurred. Rust protection penetrates deep into all the crevices and seems where the rust begins.

When you purchase DK9000 plus Paint Protection, Diamond-Kote Surface Rust Perforation warranty is also available to you for complete peace of mind.

After doing the research a protection package is a no brainer for me. I would much rather spend extra money when purchasing a vehicle and have the peace of mind that a few months down the road I won’t be spending even more money on a major vehicle repair.

Signs You’re Due for a Wheel Alignment

If you are the type of driver that needs reminders to keep up with certain maintenance on your vehicle – then this blog may be for you. Writing and reading these articles has even helped me to make sure I am giving my car the proper service it needs to keep myself and others safe while on the road.wheel_alignment

1. Your vehicle feels as though it’s drifting to one side – even when you think you are driving straight.

2. You are driving straight, however your steering wheel is not centered.

3. Your steering wheel is vibrating.

4. Were you involved in a small accident or perhaps bumped a curb? It may be a good idea to have your vehicle inspected even if the vehicle did not need repairs.

5. Uneven tire wear – If you know what you are looking for, more wear on the outer part of your tires could be the number one indicator that your vehicle needs an alignment.

*Having your tires aligned regularly can help ensure the safety and handling of your vehicle. Better mileage is also a bonus when your tires are properly aligned due to less resistance and pulling. Come visit our Quick Lane at 1201 Pasqua St. North to have a wheel alignment today!

When should I Put on my Winter Tires?

snowOn a daily basis I’m asked the same question over and over “When should I put on my winter tires?” Well I’ll be honest I’ve always thought that we were supposed to wait for the first snow fall. However, I’m always the one who winds up in the ditch or sliding into a stop sign as soon as the first snow fall comes. Therefore, I started to think this couldn’t be true; there must be a way to get ahead of the gang. I did some research and I was shocked!

In October? December? The first snow fall? Halloween? Wrong…. You actually are supposed to change to your winter tires when the temperature below 7 degrees. This is when winter tires will start to be beneficial to you and your vehicle.

Winter tires will give you the extra traction, breaking and handling you’ll need to confidently drive in all cold weather conditions. They have special rubber and tread patterns used for cold weather conditions.

It is best to be safe and switch to winter tires when the temperature is below 7 degrees rather than waiting for the first snow fall when it’s too late. If you wait till the first sign of snow you will be stuck on a waiting list for days waiting to get in with the rest of the procrastinators! Be safe not sorry and get your tires changed!

Remember to change your tires back to all season tires as soon as the temperature is consistently above 7 degrees so that the warm weather doesn’t wreck them. Drive safe!

Happy Turkey Day!

yjTxroriEThanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday. There is just something about family and friends all gathering together for a big turkey supper in the beautiful fall weather. Speaking of turkey, this is my very first year cooking a turkey for my family and to be honest I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Therefore, I started searching all over for the best recipes as I don’t want to let my entire family down.

Here are the top 6 recipes I came across in my journey to make a perfect turkey;

  1. Deep Fried Turkey
  2. Orange Maple Glazed Turkey
  3. Lemon-Herb Turkey
  4. Maple Roaster Turkey
  5. Turkey with Herbs and Citrus
  6. Citrus-Rubbed Turkey with Cider Gravy

I hope all of your Thanksgiving turkeys turn out as delicious as i’m hoping mine does, have a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Capital Ford Lincoln!

Leasing Vs. Buying

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Are you unsure about which financial route best suits you? Here at Capital Ford Lincoln, we have many options to help our customers get what they want. Read on to help you discover which option is best for you!

1. Leasing Leasing allows you drive a new vehicle of your choice without paying a large amount of money or taking out a loan. Often, leasing a vehicle only requires a small down payment followed by monthly payments for a short term. When the term (approx. 2-4 years) expires, you return the vehicle.

2. Payments – You are required to pay for the amount that the vehicle will depreciate over the lease term. For example; if you have a three year lease, and the approximate amount that the vehicle will depreciate is $15,000 – then you only have to pay that amount versus say $30,000 if you were to buy.

3. Upgrading – With leasing, you have the luxury of upgrading sooner than if you were to purchase a vehicle.

4. Warranty – If you choose to lease, typically dealerships only lease new vehicles. This means that throughout your lease term, there is a good chance that you will have full vehicle warranty coverage.

5. The Verdict – This is the option for you if you want lower monthly payments and few concerns regarding liability. The downside? You will never actually take ownership of the vehicle.




1. Buying – When you purchase a vehicle, this means the bank has loaned you money in order to own your car. You will select a term for your loan; this will determine the amount of your monthly payments and interest rate.

2. Payments You are required to take out a loan in order to purchase the vehicle – you may be charged interest on borrowing that money. If your interest rate is high, it may take a long time to pay back your loan. However, at Capital Ford some new vehicles come with 0% financing, which means you pay no interest for a selected term!

3. Upgrading – As the owner of your vehicle, the vehicle’s fate is in your hands. You can trade or upgrade at anytime. However, be aware that if you trade/upgrade before your term is up, you could still owe money on your previous vehicle while paying for your new ride.

4. Warranty – Any new vehicle you purchase from a dealership will typically come with a three year factory warranty. If you are planning on purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, unless it still has its existing warranty from the previous owner, most dealers will only give you 30 day coverage. It will then be up to you as the owner, to purchase more warranty if you so choose.

5. The Verdict – In order to make money if you choose to sell or trade in your vehicle, you must sell/trade for more $ than what you still owe on your loan. You are in complete control of your vehicle in every regard, thinking about painting your Mustang neon orange? That’s the bright side of becoming an owner! Visit Capital Ford Lincoln today!


Is It Time To Have Your Tires Rotated?

Some facts you should know regarding rotating your tires…

  1. When done properly, it can extend the life of your tires.
  2. It can improve your gas mileage.
  3. It can help ensure that your vehicle is able to be controlled in a predictable manner when you need to make a sudden stop.
  4. Tire rotation means shifting the tires into different locations around the vehicle so that they are able to wear evenly.
  5. It is inexpensive – about twenty to thirty

Is it time to have my tires rotated?

Your vehicle owner’s manual can tell you how frequently tire rotation is recommended. As a rough estimate, rotating your tires every other time you have your oil changed should keep them wearing evenly. If you’re purchasing new tires, or having your tires balanced, the rotation should be included. Some tire retailers may offer lifetime rotation services if you purchase a set of tires from their company. Don’t overlook this process, taking the time to maintenance your vehicle regularly can help guarantee a superior performance from your vehicle and long lasting drive.