2013 Ford Fusion Review

Today’s buyers are looking for the most high efficient vehicle technology. Fusion is proving what each driver needs with 7 different models, and many different specialty options for each one.

Intelligent Access with Push-button Start

   When getting into your car you can access it without ever taking your key out of your purse or pocket.When opening your trunk it works the same; as long as you have your intelligent access key fob and are within range. There is a smart unlock feature that helps prevent the key gob from being locked inside your fusion vehicle.


 Active Park Assist

    When parallel parking sensors detect adequately sized parallel parking spaces. Then the system uses electric power-assisted steering and takes over the wheel of your vehicle. The driver will still have control over the gas,brake and transmission. Then the vehicle steers itself into the space, guiding you as to when you should reverse and drive forward. Also, the screen in your car will show you what is going on behind you to ensure that you are not going to hit something.


Reverse Sensing System

2013 Ford Fusion   When backing up, the reverse sensing system is engaged, and as you back up to close to an object a sound will appear warning you to watch carefully.

Electric Parking Brake

   The electric parking brake can be set by simply pulling up on the parking brake switch located on the center console. To release, just press down on the switch when the ignition is on and the brake pedal is pressed. Standard on all models.

Auto High-beam Headlamps

   The auto high-beam headlamps use a camera behind the rear-view mirror to scan for oncoming headlamps up to 600 meters in front. If nothing is detected then the high beam lamps are shut off.  The system automatically switches to low beams when oncoming lights are detected and switches back to high beams when the oncoming lights pass.

Remote Start System

   Remote Start System is incorporated into the Remote Key less Entry key fob, allowing the vehicle to be started from as far away as 100 meters (actual distance may vary.) For our great Saskatchewan winters you can pre program the heat in your car to turn on 5-15 minutes before you have to get in.  The A/C will also pre program.

So if you want to come take a look at our Fusions our non-commission staff would love to take you for a spin. If you’d like to see what we have in stock for new Ford Fusions visit our website.


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